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Abandoned - Jack/Kate

By: Katie (Chisox-pods22 on LJ)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Kate, mentions of Sawyer/Kate
Length: One-Shot/Drabble
Timeframe: 3x07 speculation...SPOILERS for that episode (not major, really.. just my take on what could happen.. or moreso what I would make happen, lol).
Warning: As always, some angst. I can't seem to write fluff anymore!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost; I’m just borrowing the characters (and using them for my Jate-y purposes mwahaha)!

A/N: Slightly AU. The ending is a bit ambiguous so yeahhh.


Sleeping with Sawyer had felt like the right thing to do in that moment -- Kate admitted that much. It just happened. She didn't know how or why, but it did, and she didn't regret it. Until now.

Standing with Juliet's walkie-talkie held to her ear and Sawyer looking on, Kate could hear Jack's voice as clearly as if he was standing beside her.

"Kate." The sound of his voice, quiet and full of pain, made her cringe and realize what a terrible mistake she had made. She could only imagine how much Jack was hurt by her actions. He had been there for her so many times, but she had abandoned him. Both of their futures were very unclear. This could be the last time she ever spoke to him. They were both avoiding that inevitable truth. The weight of the situation hit her hard.

"Jack..." She said, almost pleading.

"Kate, promise me that you'll never come back here for me."

She opened her mouth to speak but found that she couldn't form a sentence. Lips quivering, all she could do was repeat his name, "Jack..."

"You have to go now, Kate, with Sawyer. Get off this damn island. Leave me here," he said bravely, bracing himself against any objections she would make.

"I can't...Jack...I can't just leave you," she managed. "They'll kill you!"

She could hear his breathing hitch. He broke down for a second -- maybe even less than a second -- but Kate could tell. He was trying to be strong for both of them.

"Then I guess this is goodbye," he said in a voice that told her he didn't really want to say it.

The word "goodbye" struck a nerve in Kate. She hated goodbyes. At this point, she couldn't hold her tears in any longer, and she began to sob openly.

"I can't leave you to die, Jack! I won't! We've been through too much together. I'm not abandoning you," she said as resolutely as she could through her tears.

"Kate..." His voice was strangled. She was terrified of what he would say next. "You're not abandoning me; I'm abandoning you."

The click of the receiver on Jack's end intensified the reality of the situation. Her hand holding the receiver dropped limply to her side, and she crumbled. She should've tried to radio back, screaming and yelling for him to talk to her again, but she didn't. She was too shocked. Sawyer helped her back on her feet, but could offer no condolences as he looked at her suspiciously. Juliet had left her and Sawyer with a boat on the beach and the advice to "never try to return."

As she walked with Sawyer towards the beach, Kate finally internally acknowledged what her relationship with Sawyer had done to Jack. She had betrayed him and his feelings, and this was the last mistake he would allow her. She understood why Jack had said what he did, but she didn't believe him. He was incapable of abandoning, incapable of giving up, incapable of forgetting about her. Kate, on the other hand, was fully able to abandon others, running away from her problems and feelings. Right now, though, there was one person that could stop her from running: Jack.

As she looked out at the vast blue ocean around them and their own island in the distance, even though Jack had chosen to abandon her, she wasn't going to run away from him.

A/N2: It's not the greatest thing, but it was just a little idea that came to me. I hope you enjoyed it! Comments and CC are greatly appreciated!




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